About us

About the company

Swiftpro is a leading provider of world-class recruitment software solutions to 1000s of recruitment companies around the globe. Established in 1991, Swiftpro quickly won a reputation for flexible, innovative and competitively priced applications.

With offices in the UK, Europe and Asia, we provide quick and effective support to clients worldwide. Our customers range from large multinational agencies to boutique search firms, crossing industries from healthcare to finance, from IT to oil and gas.

Our Mission

To be a major force in the world of business software applications.

Our Values

  • Passion for CustomersWe put our customers first in everything we do. We win and maintain customers by providing them with products and services that add maximum value to their businesses, supported by our technical and commercial expertise.
  • Talented PeopleWe recognise that our strength is our people. We select only the best people and create a working environment that promotes their development and best use of talents. We realise that our success depends on full commitment from all employees.
  • Technical InnovationWe are a business software applications company that constantly develops new products, services and solutions to help businesses achieve their goals. We see ourselves as one of the leading experts, always at the forefront of new technologies.
  • Uncompromised Quality We continuously improve and update our products so that our customers benefit from solutions of the highest standard. We ensure that our applications are appropriately certified with relevant bodies.
  • Integrity & EthicsWe are open, honest and direct in our dealings. This means honouring our commitments, taking responsibility for our actions and treating everyone with fairness and respect. We are completely confidential with all of our clients’ information.


These awards are given to our demo version of CVPlus Visual which is free to try. The fact that CVPlus Visual was awarded so many times by experienced professionals and users confirms the quality of our software and reassures Swiftpro that it offers leading edge products.

Here are some of the criteria CVPlus Visual was awarded for:

  • Compared with other programs from the same category
  • Ease of installation and configuration
  • Friendly user interface
  • Stability and consistency
  • Extensive functionality

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"Thank you, Swiftpro, your products and technical services are excellent value for money. We are grateful for the help and advice we received. It's a pleasure to work with you."