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Today’s business world is becoming increasingly mobile and technology driven.

Recruiters now have a wide range of techniques to contact candidates and keep in touch. With an SMS service, recruiters are able to add a new technique to their tactics to secure applicants quickly in the market. 

SMS changes the way recruiters use their time. Instantly:

  • Update applicants for new jobs
  • Receive immediate feedback
  • Remind applicants of job interview time and location
  • Contact more than one applicant at the same time

Recruitment via sms benefits candidates as well:

  • Applicants are informed of new opportunities
  • Receive Interview reminders
  • Discrete communications at any time

An integrated SMS service is now available with CVPlus Visual, to save a remarkable amount of time and replace dozens of voice calls to candidates. This improves productivity and efficiency by alerting candidates to new job opportunities. This results in increasing the number of candidate placements due to improved communications.

Recruitment via sms is also great for recruitment agencies dealing with temporary jobs. Since time is a key issue for this type of job, such candidates can register for SMS alerts and be placed right away. The value of this new development is instant contact from recruiters and instant response from jobseekers and delivers a win – win situation for all concerned.

The traditional process of recruitment is changing everyday with the advancement of globalisation and new technologies. It is becoming more efficient, immediate and direct. Communication methods such as calling, letters or emails are enhanced by this NEW available, integrated service - recruitment via sms.

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