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CVPlus Visual

CVPlus Visual Recruitment Software Feature Demos

CVPlus Visual recruitment software contains a wealth of features to satisfy even the most discerning of recruiters. These features are best illustrated through a series of real life scenarios that recruiters face each day:

You receive a call from an applicant enquiring on status of their recent interview. See how quickly and easily you can view and gather all related information about the applicant using our sophisticated screen layout.

Features Illustrated
  • Build Lasting Relationships
  • Meeting Targets
  • Reduce Costs
  • Effective Management
Receive an internal message alert to process a client request by email. Use diary to schedule the task and subsequent follow up.

Features Illustrated
  • Internal messenger
  • Diary for scheduling and reminders
  • Auto email posting of incoming emails to history notes
  • Team collaboration tools
This is a sample process of how you can win new clients using brief details of your top candidates. Demo shows how you can categorise and tag top candidates, save list as a pdf and send to tagged clients as a email mailshot.

Features Illustrated
  • Printing reports to pdf
  • Sending mass email mail shots
  • Managing mailing lists