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CVPlus Visual

CVPlus Visual Recruitment Software
CVPlus Visual is the recruiters software of choice, used daily by 1000s of recruitment businesses worldwide. With its focus on recruitment, CVPlus has proven time and time again to be one of the few recruitment software applications that can really help consultancies to grow and prosper.

Key Benefits

  • Win New AccountsGive yourself all the tools you need to proactively source and manage leads and convert them to valuable, long-term clients.
  • Build Lasting RelationshipsCVPlus Visual will help you project the right image when communicating with clients and applicants to ensure you retain existing business and gain valuable new referrals.
  • Effective Management CVPlus Visual is every manager’s dream, with powerful data security and performance monitoring aids to ensure they have all the information to always stay in control.
  • Meeting TargetsSetting new standards in how recruiters’ time is optimised and providing the drivers to ensure targets are met, even by the least experienced consultants.
  • Reduce CostsAdministration costs can be a drain on business finances and have adverse effects on future growth. With CVPlus Visual administration these costs are kept to a minimum as it provides one-touch importing of new jobs, CVs and contacts.
  • Switch to CVPlus VisualOur competitive pricing policy, combined with 20 years experience in project planning and data migration will make your transition to CVPlus a decision you won’t regret.

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CVPlus Visual is the recruiters’ software of choice, used daily by 1000s of recruitment businesses worldwide.

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