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Swiftpro proved that, besides from providing excellent and timely service, they perceive clients as partners rather than pure revenue.

Chase Zander, specialises in placing mid to senior level candidates into the European Financial Services sector including the banking, mortgages, cards, insurance, finance leasing and management consultancy sectors.

Our executive search consultants conduct search and selection campaigns across all head office functions but our particular strengths from a permanent and interim / contract perspective lie within IT leadership and business change management recruitment. In fact, Chase Zander is a market leading executive recruitment agency for the recruitment of business change management professionals.

As a company predominantly serving the financial sector Chase Zander was motivated by the opportunity to streamline its business by implementing recruitment software. Being involved in a specifically dynamic industry, Chase Zander could not allow too much time to be spent on software selection and installation because we needed to focus on what we do best - recruitment and selection.

We turned to Swiftpro to offer us the solution that suits our needs. With a quick assessment of the situation and complete understanding of its client's needs Swiftpro sent a team of professionals to install CVPlus Visual and train our staff onsite. After only two days the system was fully installed and consultants were at their desks using the new system for daily tasks. Chase Zander management was happy not to spend more than the necessary time on software implementation and training and thus kept its workflow uninterrupted.

To ensure the smooth operation and use of CVPlus Visual in the future Chase Zander signed a support maintenance agreement with Swiftpro which guarantees that whenever there is a problem or just questions about the software, Swiftpro's dedicated support team is always there to help.

During their visit to Chase Zander, Swiftpro's staff was able to get familiar with our recruitment process and therefore distinguish and identify areas where administrative tasks could be further facilitated. The solution Swiftpro offered was goJobnet.  We realized that by implementing goJobnet we can add a job section to our corporate website that matches its visual style and advertise our positions on the web. We hit the mark with this product too since it would have been more time and cost consuming to hire technical staff to develop such a job section.

Swiftpro proved that, besides from providing excellent and timely service, they perceive clients as partners rather than pure revenue.

Adam Tallamy
Managing Director
Chase Zander

Swiftpro exceeded our expectations in providing excellent products and services and valuable know-how.

Global Energy specializes in the Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Refinery and Power Energy industry. We offer experienced qualified Engineers & Consultants who are specialized in all the relevant disciplines, from Basic Engineering, Detailed CAD Design, Procurement, Construction to Commissioning and Operations and Maintenance.

As a start-up company predominantly serving international clients, Global Energy was tempted by the opportunity to streamline its business with the implementation an end-to-end solution. Our company was looking for a package to handle CV processing, automate the recruitment process and advertise jobs on the web.

Swiftpro was the only recruitment software provider to meet our needs. Their offer of an end-to-end solution was both cutting edge and affordable. Global Energy invested in three Swiftpro products that are completely integrated - CVPlus Visual, goJobnet and CV Processing & Data entry service.

Our final goal to have our consultants concentrate on pure recruitment and more sales activity rather than on administrative issues was reached. CV Processing & Data entry completely substituted our in-house team with highly trained professionals who were able to work more efficiently. Global Energy never has to wait till the next day for a ton of CVs to be processed into the database.

The core product of our end-to-end solution is CVPlus Visual. But only after implementing the software did our senior recruiters fully realize how beneficial this product truly is. We were pleased to see for ourselves that this system can automatically link suitable candidates to a vacancy based on the requirements of the job. We immediately reflected on the time it took us before to create shortlists.  Clients couldn't be more delighted with the new time efficiency. We also improved our communication process with predefined emails, reports & letters offered with the software. The bulky task of sending emails to a large number of contacts turned into an activity performed with a few mouse clicks.

As a starting organization Global Energy needed a tool to promote its job positions using the Internet. Having a website that was built a month ago we realized the need for a jobs section where applicants can search and apply for the jobs that we advertise. goJobnet was just the right solution. We were able to set up our own goJobnet ourselves without any extensive web development knowledge, it was so simple. In less than two days we had our own online jobs section that we easily customized to be in line with the rest of the visual layout of our website.

At the end of the day we had a solution for processing our international CVs, recruitment software that increased our productivity and a web-based jobs section where we could publish our jobs to reach international applicants. Swiftpro exceeded our expectations in providing excellent products and services and valuable know-how.

George Etty
Managing Director
Global Energy