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Recruiting with JobNet

A fully-functional job portal is a great way to extend your company’s reach, but its development requires a range of skills and expertise at many levels. JobNet, backed by our team of developers, offers everything you need for a fully-scaled web recruitment solution.

The JobNet cycle

Job seekers search and apply for jobs on your website with or without registering, via general or advanced search. They can apply for multiple jobs at once, which saves their time and ensures great user experience with your company. Recruiters receive an automated email with applications for jobs assigned to them. They can login and view an online list of all applicants who have applied for jobs that belong to them. Applications are
reviewed and applicant details and CVs are entered into the company database. Quality candidates are shortlisted, interviewed and jobs are filled.
Recruiters update
the current jobs list on
the website using the JobNet control panel, removing jobs that are filled and adding new ones as they arise.

JobNet is all about ensuring easy and pleasant interaction between recruiters and job seekers. Depending on the industry you operate in, your JobNet can be modified easily to match the preferences of your recruiters and candidates. Within seconds, you can update the following:

  • Business Sectors
  • Job Roles
  • Skills/Qualifications/Experience
  • Locations
  • And much more!

A custom web address adds individuality and highly-visible branding to your JobNet. It follows your company website address and is displayed in this format: http://jobs.yourname.com.

  • Add your company name to your JobNet web address
  • Help your candidates and partners find your web recruitment system easier
  • Present a consistent website experience

Our web developers make sure that your JobNet matches the overall scheme of your company website. Visitors will enjoy browsing through your website much more as they move seamlessly between different areas of your site. All JobNet plans include customisation as standard to ensure that your visitors get the best customer experience.

  • Increase the professionalism of your web recruitment system
  • Candidates will be impressed by the experience your website offers
  • Strengthens your company's brand identity
  • Supports marketing activities

Your candidates can register their details within seconds to receive email notifications for jobs based on their specified preferences. As new matching jobs are listed, your candidates are emailed these roles immediately. Candidates can also choose to quickly forward their CV to your company to be considered for job opportunities.

  • Ensure that your candidates are up-to-date with the latest jobs
  • Continue receiving new CVs to expand your talent pool
  • Retain key talent and keep candidates interested in your services

Painless & Quick Setup

JobNet can be set up, customised and ready to use within a day! Four easy steps:

1. Registration – to create an account with your company information and contacts.

2. Customisation – we take care of this part for you.

3. Add Jobs – publish your current jobs to JobNet pages. Multiple users can add jobs simultaneously, speeding up this process and involving consultants in the process. Or ask us about our fantastic Data Entry service

4. Receiving Applications - once your jobs are listed on the website, candidates can search and apply for them straight away.