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Attract best candidates with JobNet.

It’s simple. JobNet is a bridge between recruiters and jobseekers.

It is a solution that provides your website with a jobs section, perfect for businesses of all kinds and sizes.

Companies looking to add a website careers section, recruitment agencies that need a jobs portal to list new jobs as they come in, or not-for-profit organisations that do not want to fork out a fortune on building a recruitment section from scratch. We developed this easy-to-setup solution that answers your recruitment needs without the pressure on your budget.

JobNet can be added to your website in just a few hours. You can instantly publish a list of open vacancies, giving jobseekers the ability to search and apply for jobs directly through your website.

We can 100% match your website’s look and feel and make your JobNet identical.

Take the headache out of recruiting. Go JobNet.

JobNet Benefits

  • Reduce your CV harvesting costs
  • Gain better control over your recruitment process
  • Quicker, better and cheaper than designing your own web portal
  • 100% matchesthe look and feel of your website
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Plans and prices that work for companies of all sizes
  • Quick and easy posting of your open vacancies
  • Attract best candidates through your website
  • New applications are sent directly to your CV database or inbox
  • Easy-to-understand job search
  • Quick application process, can choose to have a copy emailed to them
  • Can register to receive alerts with matching jobs in the future

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"Thank you, Swiftpro, your products and technical services are excellent value for money. We are grateful for the help and advice we received. It's a pleasure to work with you."