Swiftpro unveils new Reports module in CVPlus Visual

01 March, 2013

Time to placement is a standard measure of success for many recruitment agencies. On their own, meeting KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) do not always equate with number of placements made. But they may be useful to management for identifying strong and weak performers in their teams.

To help recruiters keep track of their KPIs, Swiftpro has developed a brand-new management reports module in the newest build of CVPlus. Reports show a variety of possible KPIs – for example, number of interviews conducted, client calls made, or new vacancies received from clients. It is up to the management to decide which KPIs their staff should particularly focus on. Naturally, the number of placements made or fees earned remains the ultimate measure of success for many.

Managers can choose which activities and staff they want displayed in a report over a specified period. This data it can also be easily exported into Excel for further analysis or presentations.

Apart from 20 pre-loaded KPI measures that come with the Reports, extra activities can easily be set as KPIs for customised reporting. The new Reports module allows recruitment agencies to monitor and continue to improve performance, in turn achieving a greater client satisfaction and profitability.

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